• BNNVARA regrets impact Rambam broadcast about UM professors


    Dutch public broadcaster BNNVARA and production company CCCP have expressed regret over the impact of an edition of television programme Rambam which featured two Maastricht University professors. They acknowledge that the way the programme was edited may have created the impression that the professors could be “manipulated by industry”, according a statement issued by BNNVARA today.

  • Classical music: a treasure trove


    On 29 and 30 March, the Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music (MCICM) is organising a special symposium in Maastricht at the St. Janskerk and the Conservatorium, respectively. The occasion for the international symposium is the inaugural lecture of Prof. Peter Peters, Endowed Professor of Innovation in Classical Music, on Friday 29 March.

  • Secondary school students have 75% better score thanks to university student guidance


    Maastricht University students have helped secondary school students improve their school performance significantly. The students’ total went from 92 to 23 minus points over a period of 3 months.

  • UM applies for a building permit for BioMedical Centre


    Vandaag heeft de Universiteit Maastricht bij de Gemeente Maastricht een bouwvergunning aangevraagd voor het BioMedisch Centrum, het nieuwe onderzoekscentrum waar ook proefdieren kunnen worden ingezet.

  • Biobased sock

    Biobased socks from Sustainable Polymer


    Aim in their study was to develop biobased compostable socks from Polylactic acid (PLA), acknowledged as sustainable and eco-friendly is a biodegradable and compostable polymer obtained from annually renewable resources.

  • Math/Maastricht, an alternative guide to the city

    Math/Maastricht, an alternative guide to the city


    What do the Basilica of Saint Servatius, the bear pit at Aldenhofpark and the gate to the university library have in common? One: they’re special places to visit, and two: they all somehow remind Maastricht University’s math-oriented researchers of their work.

  • Clearing the cross-border path to a Euregional centre for paediatric surgery


    The medical specialty of paediatric surgery is organised differently in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. This has consequences for the qualifications of paediatric surgeons in the Meuse–Rhine Euregion, in terms of the recognition and registration of paediatric surgeons as well as the cross-border training of new doctors.

  • The Maastricht Debate 2019


    On April 29th, 19h00 – 20h30, leading candidates for the position of President of the European Commission will debate each other in Maastricht. Young people (18-29 years) can register for the debate starting March 13th at 13:00.

  • Too little calcium in multivitamins for pregnant women


    Multivitamins for pregnant women do not contain enough calcium to meet the recommended daily allowance. Approximately 60 percent of these women therefore get too little calcium (less than one gram per day). This increases the risk of complications for mother and child.

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