• Sheepdog and ram confrontation

    These tips can help you minimize their carbon pawprints


    Did you know that even our four-legged friends have a climate impact? Professor Pim Martens states: It’s the products we buy for them that need a closer look. How can you minimize the carbon pawprint?

  • Universiteit van Nederland

    Chocolate is the most widely eaten candy in the world. What makes it so irresistible?


    Chocolate is the most widely eaten candy in the world. What makes it so irresistible? Two experts from Maastricht University share their knowledge.

  • Alie de Boer

    Making personal choices based on good information


    In the professional life of food expert and university lecturer Alie de Boer, everything revolves around getting honest information about healthy and sustainable food.

  • Show me your Twitter feed and I'll tell you what your problem is


    Data scientist Marijn ten Thij studies human behaviour on the basis of messages posted on social media. For example, he mapped the changing mood during the corona pandemic using 3.5 million tweets. The analysis of this kind of data is not only socially relevant, it could also help individuals in psychological distress. The underlying patterns are quite intriguing, says Ten Thij.

  • Nancu_bocken

    We need to consume less and more sustainably


    Everyone notices it: prices are rising. Inflation has not been this high in years.

  • Companies do often not live up to their sustainable hallmark


    The ESG rating, the hallmark that indicates that companies are conducting business in a socially responsible way, often appears to be a promise that only exists on paper. While large investors, such as Dutch pension funds, actually use it to make responsible investments.

  • Chess Air Pollution

    Blue sky thinking – the hidden threat of fine particulate pollution


    For three years in a row, Steffen Künn and colleagues went to a seven-week-long chess tournament in Cologne to establish a link between levels of air pollution and cognitive performance. The somewhat alarming results were eagerly scooped up by the media, but it took even more data to convince the academic community that air pollution might affect our economy.

  • duurzaamheidsfonds

    How Private Shareholder Engagements on Material ESG Issues Affect Companies


    Investors are increasingly engaging with companies about their impact on the environment and society. This seems to be bearing fruit, as shown by a study conducted by Maastricht University.

  • groen

    Sustainability courses are booming


    Sustainability has become a business model. Not only for companies struggling for new markets, more reliable supply chains and a good reputation with their customers. Training centers for managers have also discovered the opportunities of change for themselves.


    Quantum Machine Learning enters the fray in CERN’s LHCb experiment


    In a recent article in the Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP), the LHCb collaboration reports the application of Quantum Machine Learning for identifying properties of so-called jets: streams of particles that result from particle collisions.

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