23 June 2017

Myth: Brussels imposes nothing but annoying measures


Law researcher and scientific coordinator at the ITEM Expertise centre Dr. Alexander Hoogenboom featured in Observant Magazine on whether the EU only produces annoying regulation.

“The fact that there is a maximum number of hours in a week that you are allowed to work, that web shops are compelled to provide you with the option to return your purchase within seven days, that our tap water must meet certain requirements. This all sounds very Dutch, but it is in fact European legislation. This European ‘origin’ gets lost in news coverage.”

Read the whole article via the link below:

Myth: Brussels imposes nothing but annoying measures

Dr. Alexander Hoogenboom is connected to the Faculty of Law and is currently employed as scientific coordinator for the Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross-border cooperation and Mobility (ITEM) where he is tasked with the development of the ITEM databank, coordinates grant applications and the ITEM casuistry.