Looking back at 2020 with our LAW annual review: read more about innovative education and our impact on society

Perhaps you might come to the conclusion that in 2020, because of corona, time stood still in our law faculty. Despite setbacks and start-up problems - after all, everything and everyone had to switch to online within a short period of time - a lot of positive things happened last year.

Therefore, in this incomplete overview, we would like to look back with you in the field of education, research and our faculty as a whole. With these Stories of science we like show our impact on society: DigiD for border workers and demonstrate our innovation in legal education: Bachelor’s in law: 'Back to our core DNA.

The annual review is supplemented with an engaging story of Matteo Bonelli and Daniel On: Looking back on PhD life with a sense of pride, showcases and fast facts about our education and research. In short, we are ready for a great new LAW year. 

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