LAWNOTATION receives infrastructure grant

We are happy to announce that the LAWNOTATION proposal, amongst others, will be funded through the Dutch Law Sector Plan. LAWNOTATION is an initiative of Digital Legal Lab that brings together Dutch universities working on Digital Legal Studies.

The project aims to develop an infrastructure that enables researchers in the field of law, social sciences, and humanities to systematically analyze legal documents such as legislation and court decisions. The infrastructure will allow access to and sharing of data - making legal data and annotation schemes (current and future) accessible for annotation and analysis purposes, develop an annotation platform, and provide for a user interface. This should result in more high-quality FAIR legal research data.

The project will be carried out by the Maastricht Law and Tech LabBISS - Brightlands Institute for Smart Society, Radboud University Nijmegen, Tilburg UniversityUniversity of GroningenUvA, and TNO.

A team of developers will work closely together with social sciences and humanities (SSH) researchers on the improved access to legal materials, which will benefit SSH researchers as well as society as a whole.

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