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At the Maastricht Law and Tech Lab, we believe that we can create a better society by studying digital transformation from law and computer science.​ We foster a community of legal researchers and computer scientists who work collaboratively to integrate law and computer science methods.​

Law and Tech news

  • Drones and the law

    They can do it already: deliver pizzas and medicines, inspect windows for cleanliness, monitor crowds. And all that autonomously, without a human driver. But how do you ensure that drones comply with laws and regulations? Professor of Private Law and technology expert Gijs van Dijck translates legal rules such that drones can understand and implement them.

  • The Law and Tech Lab were awarded a grant from the European Commission for a project called FACILEX. The project focuses on judicial cooperation in criminal matters and mutual recognition models in the EU.

  • The output can be pasted or loaded into Docassemble, also a free and open-source expert system for guided interviews. Docassemble is supported by a user community that maintains the software. GraphDoc does not require any installation and can be run online.

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