AppChallenge@UM 2018: the winners

A student team has won the first UM AppChallenge with an app called ‘Study buddy’. The winning concept helps students find tutors or study partners.

Winners AppChallenge
The winners of the AppChallenge

Eleven teams of students and employees worked all night at the Tapijn Learning Spaces on 19 and 20 April to invent and build the next UM app. They were supported by an expert team of developers.

Sleep was not allowed, but participants were taken good care of and offered plenty of food and drinks. Activities by UM Sports, a presentation by Bizzomate and a pub quiz kept everyone awake - that and the hard work of course.

The winning teams and ideas

1. Team Fritsause & Mayonnaise Studios, winner of € 2500
Team members:

  • Fadi Eid Katrina
  • Blazej Dolicki

App idea: Study Buddy
This app helps students find a study partner or tutor and helps tutors offer their services to other students. Details can be found in the presentation slides.

Winners AppChallenge
Team Fritsause & Mayonnaise Studios

2. Team CORE, winner of € 1000
Team members:

  • Bernd Kapeller
  • Michiel van Hoorn
  • Hristo Minkov
  • Marc Becker

App idea: the CORE app
Students, alumni and staff can share their skills and knowledge on this platform by inviting people for extracurricular activities. See the presentation slides for details.

Team CORE App Challenge

3. Team Welcome, winner of € 500
Team members:

  • Rick Sollet
  • Pascal de Roos
  • Manon Gorissen
  • Mai Henckens

App idea: Onboarding app
The onboarding app helps new students and employees through their first 100 days at Maastricht University. Details can be found in the presentation slides.

Team Welcome App Challenge
Team Welcome

The other teams and apps

  • Team Loclist: Loclist app. Centralizes information about events in Maastricht and provides notifications.
  • Team Rodrigo: MyUM app. Shows real time student information, such as your schedule, grades, deadlines and assignment tasks.
  • Team Tsigned: FeedUp app. Allows students to evaluate their study experiences.
  • Team Myles: ReSearch app. Helps UM researchers find participants for their research, such as surveys or experiments. 
  • Team ILPMasters: SmartSchedule app. Constructs a schedule of weekly activities based on personal preferences and interests.
  • Team Thu Thran: UMatched app. Helps students define their skills and knowledge and match them to the demand on the job market. 
  • Team Oramako: UM4U app. Enables students to connect outside the classroom, for example to prepare for tutorial meetings.
  • Team Tim: Stories app. Enables students to apply their study material in stories in a virtual environment with unique items, characters and scenes.

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