Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Honours Component

Honours programme for bachelor’s students

At the beginning of each academic year the best performing second year students are invited to participate in the extracurricular FASoS honours programme. The programme runs over two years and consists of three components: projects by a FASoS professor (one in the second and one in the third year, 10 ECTS each) and the interfaculty Honours+ programme (in the second year, 5 ECTS). In total you earn 25 ECTS.

Every year there are approximately ten projects to choose from. The small-scale FASoS projects run in the second semester and are quite varied in content and organisation. No more than five students take part in one project. Each professor teaches the course in her/his own way, taking into account what your interests are. You can be actively involved in ongoing research, exploring new literature, or the organisation of an event, such as a conference or workshop. The projects  are concluded with a brief presentation during the honours conference at the end of the year.

For the interfaculty component of the honours programme, see the Edlab Honours+ pages.

By participating in a project on a theme addressed in your study programme, you can add more depth to your knowledge. If you want to broaden your knowledge, you can attend a seminar on a theme that is completely new to you. It is up to you. Arts & Culture students and European Studies students are mixed.


Who can apply?

In the second year the top five per cent of students are invited to attend an information session. If you are interested in the programme, you are asked to submit a short application letter, demonstrating your motivation to participate in a FASoS project and the Honours+ programme.

More information?

For more information, please contact the coordinator of the Excellence Programmes at FASoS, Prof. G. Verbeeck