• 28 Sep 12:30
    - 13:30

    IGIR lunch seminar by Martin Munu on “Assessing the adequacy of existing multilateral rules regulating e-commerce”

    Martin Munu will present on September 28th at 12:30-13:30 a part of his PhD research entitled “Trade negotiations on e-commerce: an analysis of their potential impact for micro, small and medium-size enterprises growth in African countries.” The goal of the seminar is to discuss the adequacy of existing rules regulation e-commerce using these six factors covered in the analytical framework. Feel warmly invited to join the discussion in room 1.019. Please register if you want to join in person or via zoom!

  •   46 Oct

    Privacy Executive week

    A full immersion training package building on knowledge already gained and leading to a Professional Diploma.

  • 13 Oct 15:45
    - 18:00

    ITEM & HNP Online Side event

    During this side event the Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Mobility (ITEM) and the House of the Dutch Provinces (HNP) together with partners and stakeholders are looking for solutions and methods for (border) regions to ensure a healthy, sustainable and strong future for all European regions in the post COVID 19 situation. After sharing specific practices and stories from inhabitants of Dutch German Flemish cross border areas, instruments and recommendations will be presented to the European Commission in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions on how cross border challenges can be addressed. How to empower regions in a new pandemic, by bringing multilevel governance into practice? The programme is divided in three parts: (1) borders during Corona, (2) impact assessment and instruments and (3) cooperation in the Benelux with sustainable and safe corridors.

  • 14 Oct 09:30
    - 13:30
    Workshop, Seminar

    M-EPLI roundtable

    In this online M-EPLI roundtable we bring together a group of experts who will each give a presentation about the current position of their country (and surrounding countries) on the enforcement of punitive damages judgments. 

  •   1819 Oct 10:30
    - 15:00

    EIPIN Doctoral Seminar 2021

    The European Network of Intellectual Property Scholars (EIPIN) is organizing once per year a doctoral seminar, which is intended for early/mid/late-stage PhD Candidates as well as prospective PhD candidates who have just completed or are in the late phases of their LL.M. studies in the field of intellectual property and innovation.

  • 26 Oct 15:00
    - 18:00

    IALS Webinar on Comparative Law and the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Scholars from across the globe will share insights, debate, and discuss their views on a range of mainstream topics dealing with Comparative Law and the Covid-19 Pandemic.

  • 29 Oct 13:00
    - 17:45
  • 2 Nov 13:00
    - 16:30
  •   1517 Nov
    Conference, Seminar

    Emerging Issues and Challenges in Privacy and Cybersecurity

    This 2,5 days training programme is a building block of the full Diploma Track on Privacy Management.

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