1 Feb 19:30
- 22:30
UM Star Lecture in Utrecht

Stress, the Brain and Affective Behavior: does Food do any good?

When they are under stress, people often get depressed. People who experience stress regularly seem to be able to deal better with stress and thus have fewer difficulties from depressive feelings when they maintain specific diets. For example, eating carbohydrates causes stress levels to decrease for some people. Eating meat causes more stress in the body. Others should actually eat more protein. Rob Markus will explain in his lecture how stress, the brain and behaviour are influenced by nutrition. In doing so, he will challenge myths and facts about stress, nutrition and mood. (Lecture is in Dutch)

About the speaker

Rob Markus

Rob Markus is a professor of Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology at Maastricht University. He has a particular interest in biochemical processes in the brain that relate to stress-induced psychopathology. After holding several positions at universities and research companies, he has become an internationally recognised expert on the relationship between stress, brain (gene) vulnerability and the development of cognitive-affective disorders, as well as on the development of dietary assessment and treatment methods.