14 Dec

PhD conferral Sung Yoon Yang

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Michael Faure, Prof. dr. Hildegard Schneider, Prof. dr. dr. Doris Hildebrand

Keywords: Multi-Sided Platforms, Abuse of dominant position, a level playing field, a Comparative Study

"A Comparative Study of Legal Developments concerning Platforms in the EU, US, and Korea Focused on abuse of dominant position and creating a level playing field"

Multi-sided platforms are intermediaries that provide goods or services to several separate customer groups who rely on one another and rely on the platform to enable transactions among them. Google, Amazon, Meta (Formerly Facebook), Apple are well-known examples of multi-sided platforms connecting different sides of a market. In fact, many old industries, ranging from village matchmakers to advertising-supported newspapers, can be qualified as platforms. Thus, the term platform is not just for tech platforms like Google and Meta (formerly Facebook). However, due to the rapid market development based on the Internet and communication technology has put multi-sided platforms at the centre of modern business change. The thesis addresses regulation of the abuse of a dominant position by multi-sided platforms and legislative actions for regulating gatekeeper platforms to create a level playing field in the EU, the US, and Korea. The objective of this thesis is to identify implications and recommendations on competition policy to policymakers, competition authorities, platforms, non-platform companies, and consumers.

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