• 21 Mar 10:00
    - 17:00
  • 23 Mar 11:00
    - 15:00
    Study information

    Campus Brussels Bachelor's Event

    Find out more about one of the most international universities in Europe, experience our unique approach to teaching, immerse yourself in your programme of choice.

  •   15 Apr
  •   2428 Apr 09:00
    - 18:00
    Workshop, Conference

    Student Forum Maastricht 2019

    Are you interested in the European Union and in EU policy-making? You want to work on interesting topics together with an international team? You are a student aged between 18 and 30 years and did not participate in SFM before?

  •   1617 May 09:00
    - 18:00

    Executive Course on Health Risk Strategies and Communication (RISC) in the European Union

    In an era where crises are increasingly of a ‘trans-boundary nature’, risks and uncertainties are at the centre of current political and public debate. Salient examples in the Health Sector include genetically modified organisms (GMOs), infectious diseases, and endocrine disruptors, just to name three examples.

    New, continuing, and sometimes intensified uncertainties surrounding such risks inevitably influence risk strategies developed within organisations: is a certain issue a risk as such and how to communicate this risk in a responsible manner?


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