• 30 Sep 09:30
    - 16:15

    RELAY Workshop: Giving EU democracy ‘a new push’ in times of crisis

    The broad aim of this conference is to take stock of the state of affairs of EU democracy in times of crisis. Concretely this implies that we will explore two ‘main channels’ of EU democracy: parliamentary democracy (with both national parliaments and the EP being in the spotlight) and civil society/citizen involvement. This event is part of the RELAY project. 

    The RELAY project aims at spreading and discussing EU affairs to a diverse array of stakeholders. In particular, it seeks to shed light on how the European Commission's political guidelines relate to and resonate with different communities including academics, think tanks, policy-makers, civil society, etc.. To do this, we are organising a series of thematic workshops to collect stakeholder input. 

  • 18 Nov 09:30
    - 17:30

    Patient engagement in drug development: moving beyond tools and standardization?

    This event brings together academic researchers with the main stakeholders currently shaping patient engagement in drug development. It aims to foster collective reflection on how to ensure the widespread uptake and successful implementation of the tools and standards already available in this field.

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