• 29 May 10:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD Conferral Mrs. Gonda F.J. Konings

    Intracrinology in the Lower Genital Tract and Beyond; Estrogen Metabolism in Endometrial Cancer and COPD”

  • 29 May 10:45
    PhD Defence

    PhD Conferral Mr. drs. Darryl A. McGill

    “Supervisor competence as an assessor of medical trainees: Evaluating the validity and quality of supervisor assessments”

  • 29 May 12:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD Conferral Mrs. Dorijn F.L. Hertroijs, MSc.

    “Build to order; Patient profiling to tailor type 2 diabetes care”

  • 29 May 16:30
    Inaugural lectures & valedictory lectures

    Valedictory lecture prof.dr. Harry C. Schouten

    Title of the lecture: “Terugkijken naar de toekomst”

  • 5 Jun

    KidzCollege: Weet wat je eet!

    During this (Dutch-spoken) lecture by Alie de Boer you will take a look a different foods and labels on those foods. What is healthy? And why?

  • 5 Jun 19:00
    - 21:00
    Study information

    Open Evening - University College Venlo

    Visit University College Venlo and receive more information from our staff and students about choosing your own curriculum in the field of health, nutrition and business.

  • 18 Jun
    Study information

    UCM - Experience Day - June 2019

    During an Experience Day, prospective students get in-depth information from UCM staff members and students about the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme. Current UCM students are present to tell you all there is to know about student life in Maastricht and you will have the opportunity to experience our small-scale interactive education method: Problem-Based Learning (PBL) yourself.

  • 21 Jun 09:00
    - 19:00

    MaCSBio Science Day 2019

    This year's theme of the MaCSBio Science Day is: Biological data integration: challenges and opportunities.

  • 21 Jun 12:00
    - 13:00

    GROW Lunch Workshop

    "Meet PR & Communication experts, guiding you through important media do’s and don’ts...

  •   2628 Jun 09:00
    - 18:00


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