•   2729 Aug 09:45
    - 18:00

    MSP - Introduction days 2018

    During this event you will get introduced to everything you'll need to know to smoothly start your study at Maastricht Science Programme

  • 4 Sep 20:00

    Lecture about gravitational waves

    Prof. Jo van den Brand (spokesperson Virgo) will introduce the audience to the theory behind gravitational waves and the Einstein Telescope.

  • 5 Sep 19:00

    Is the movie Interstellar scientifically correct?

    Nobel-prize winner Kip Thorne has co-written the script for this blockbuster, so we can expect that the physics of the script is 100% truthful, right? Before and after the movie a UM-professor will give you the answers.

  • 7 Sep 13:00

    Lecture gravitational waves (for bachelor's students)

    The lecture, given by an expert in the field of gravitational waves, will be about the theory of relativity and the latest developments discussed during the LCV conference.

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