8 Oct 2016

Master's Open Day 2016

Are you looking for a master’s programme with a global perspective to kick-start your career? Maastricht University offers what you are looking for!

What will you find out at the Master's Open Day?

During this day you can gather information about all the master’s programmes we offer; in different sessions, in-depth information about the various programmes and extra curricular programmes which will boost your career. You will also have the opportunity to visit the information markets where you can talk to staff and students.

 Please note
You need to register for the Master's open day.

 If you have questions about our Master's Open Day, our admissions procedure or about studying in Maastricht, you can contact Talk2Students. This student team will be able to answer your questions and tell you all about student life at UM.

Master's Open Day programmes:

Download the Faculty Open Day
programme pdf for the Master's
as listed below:

School of Business and Economics  

  • Business Research
  • ​Econometrics and Operations Research
  • ​Economic and Financial Research
  • Economics
  • Financial Economics
  • Fiscal Economics
  • ​Global Supply Chain Management and Change
  • Human Decision Science
  • Information and Network Economics
  • International Business
  • Management of Learning

  • Business Intelligence and Smart Services

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences  

  • Art, Literature and Society
  • Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education
  • Cultures of Arts, Sciences and Technology (Research)
  • European Public Affairs
  • European Studies
  • European Studies (Research)
  • European Studies on Society, Science and Technology
  • Globalisation and Development Studies
  • Media Culture
  • Politics and Society

Faculty of Law  

  • Advanced Master in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management 
  • Dutch Law
  • ​European Law School
  • Forensics, Criminology and Law
  • ​Globalisation and Law
  • International and European Tax Law
  • International Laws
  • Law and Labour
  • Tax Law

Department of Data Science and
Knowledge Engineering

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Operations Research

Maastricht Graduate School
of Governance

  • Public Policy and Human Development

International Centre for Integrated
assessment and Sustainable

  • Sustainability Science and Policy

Faculty of Humanities
and Sciences

  • Biobased Materials
  • Systems Biology


Faculty of Health,
Medicine and Life Sciences

  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Epidemiology
  • Global Health
  • Governance and Leadership in European Public Health
  • Health Education and Promotion
  • Health Food Innovation Management
  • Health Professions Education
  • Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management
  • Human Movement Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Physician-Clinical Investigator
  • Research Master in Health Sciences
  • Work, Health and Career

Faculty of Psychology and

  • Forensic Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience




City centre locations:

School of Business and Economics (1)
Tongersestraat 53
6211 LM Maastricht 
The Netherlands

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (2)
Grote Gracht 90-92 
6211 SZ Maastricht 
The Netherlands

University Library (3)
Grote Looiersstraat 17
6211 KG Maastricht
The Netherlands

Faculty of Law (4)
Bouillonstraat 1-3 
6211 LH Maastricht 
The Netherlands

Department of Data Science and
Knowledge Engineering (5)

Bouillonstraat 8-10 
6211 LH Maastricht 
The Netherlands 

Maastricht Graduate School
of Governance (6)

Boschstraat 24
6211 AX Maastricht
The Netherlands

ICIS (7)
Kapoenstraat 2
6211 KW Maastricht
The Netherlands

Randwyck locations:

Faculty of Health, Medicine
and Life Science (8)

Universiteitssingel 50
6229 ER Maastricht
The Netherlands

Faculty of Psychology
and Neuroscience (9)

Universiteitssingel 40
6229 ER Maastricht
The Netherlands

University Library Randwyck (10)
Universiteitssingel 50
6229 ER Maastricht
The Netherlands


How to get there

More information about parking, roadworks and a parking-app for your mobile device is available on maastrichtbereikbaar.nl


Important: the Master’s Open Day will be held at different locations in Maastricht
(in the city centre and in Randwyck). 

Locations in the city centre (see above, location 1 up to and including 7)

  • Nearest parking lot (paid): Q-Park Vrijthof 100, 6211 LE Maastricht. Approximately 5 minutes (on foot) to the locations mentioned above.

Locations in Randwyck/ Universiteitssingel: (see above, location 8, 9, 10)

  • Nearest parking lot (free): Universiteitssingel 40, 6229 ER Maastricht. The (free) parking lot at Universiteitssingel 50/ Universiteitssingel 60 is open from 08.00 AM-10.00 PM as well. Approximately 2 minutes (on foot) from parking lot to the locations mentioned above.

Check 9292ov.nl  for further directions on reaching a specific faculty by train or by bus. 


Keep your registration certificate close, this gives you access to the free parking lots!