27 Aug

FHML-introduction bachelor Biomedical Sciences - 2019


On this page you'll find all the information you need about the Faculty Introduction:

 Programme of the Faculty Introduction for bachelor Biomedical Sciences (BMS)
 Study associations and their introduction activities
 Overnight stay
 Start of the academic year & course timetable

Study associations and their introduction activities

At the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, all bachelor’s programmes have their own study association. As a member of a study association everything is possible, but nothing is mandatory.

At the study associations you can:
 enjoy lots of activities with your fellow students;
 receive discount on books and study materials;
 get exam training and study support;
 attend lectures and workshops focused on your study programme and career;
 help to improve the educational system.

The study association for students Biomedical Sciences is Helix.
 Helix on Facebook
 Helix website

Most study associations also organise an introduction camp and/or another introduction activity for new students (apart from the Faculty Introduction). You can see what Helix is organising in the text box to the right.

Overnight Stay

In case you have not yet arranged for housing or a place to stay, you can book a room at hostel Stayokay . Please note that the costs associated with an overnight stay are at your own expense.

StayOK offers a Student long stay special*
You will stay in a 4- to 8-bedded room including bed linen and Wi-Fi. Every room also has its own shower and toilet.

 1 week - 7 nights: € 149,-
 2 weken - 14 nights: € 275,-
 4 weken - 28 nights: € 495,-

Book via stayokay.com/long-stay-maastricht or stop by at the hostel (Maasboulevard 101 , 6211 JW Maastricht).

*Terms and conditions that apply to this special can be found on stayokay.com/long-stay-maastricht. Or contact StayOK (tel +31 (0)43 750 17 90 or maastricht[at]stayokay[dot]com).

Start academic year & course timetable

Education starts in the week of 2 September.

Course timetables for the bachelor's programmes are available 2,5 weeks before the start of the academic year. Your personal timetable can be accessed via the Student Portal .

Contact information

For more information or questions about the Faculty Introduction, please contact us:

+31 43 388 57 98