• 5 Jul 15:00

    Role of interferon signalling in brain aging

    A hallmark of nervous system aging is a decline of white matter volume and function, but the underlying mechanisms leading to white matter pathology are unknown. Here, we found agerelated alterations of oligodendrocyte cell state with a reduction of total oligodendrocyte density in the aging murine white matter.

  • 13 Jul 12:00
    - 13:30
    conversation series, academic session, lecture, seminar

    Data Science Expert Series

  • 19 Sep 17:00
    - 18:00
    academic session, lecture

    Maastricht Private Law Lecture: “Experiential Teaching of Comparative Law”

    The Maastricht Private Law Lecture, hosted by the Maastricht Department of Private Law, is an annual event at which a most distinguished scholar is invited to give a lecture on a topic related to the wide field of private law. 

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