• 23 Nov 18:30
    - 20:00

    Jean Monnet Lecture by Alexander Stubb

    the Centre for European Research in Maastricht (CERiM) is honoured to welcome the European Investment Bank'(EIB) Vice-President, Dr. Alexander Stubb for their 2nd lecture in the Jean Monnet Lecture series.

  • 27 Nov 20:00

    The Golden Discovery of Merging Neutron Stars

    Studium Generale - Lecture
    Gideon Koekoek, PhD  
    Assistant professor at Maastricht Science Programme, UM

  • 28 Nov 20:00

    Separatism and Sovereignty in the EU, i.e. Cataluña

    Studium Generale - Debate Cafe
    Debate with: Prof. Jure Vidmar, Professor International and European Law, UM
    Arjan Schakel, PhD Assistant Professor in Research Methods Political Science, UM
    Pablo del Hierro, PhD, Assistant Professor in History, UM
    Anna Herranz-Surralles, PhD, Assistant Professor Political Science, UM

    Moderator: Rob van Duijn, Studium Generale, UM

  • 11 Dec 20:00

    Universal Human Rights in Diverse Societies

    Studium Generale - Human Rights Lecture
    Prof. Eva Brems, Professor of Human Rights Law, Ghent University

  • 15 Dec 17:30
    - 20:00

    IPKM Expert lecture with MEP Julia Reda

    IPKM Expert lecture with MEP Julia Reda, on the ongoing copyright reform.

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