•   2930 Jun

    Material Futures: Matter, Memory and Loss in Contemporary Art Production and Preservation

    In the staging of existing works, commissioning of new works, and in planning for their futures, cooperation between contemporary artists and collecting institutions has become key. Contemporary artistic practices have prompted a reconsideration of boundaries between the roles of artists and institutional staff, and between processes of art production, exhibition, and preservation.

  • 30 Jun 10:30
    - 17:30

    The Law and Policy of Brexit

    This conference will be hosted at Campus Brussels. Prof. Dr. Jure Vidmar (International & European Law Department) is the organiser of this event.
    Registration is open now!


  • 7 Jul 08:30
    - 16:00

    UCV - Liberal Arts and Science Conference

    Want to learn more about Liberal Arts and Science in Venlo and want to find out whether this is something for you? Visit our Liberal Arts and Sciences Conference!

  •   1314 Jul 08:45
    - 18:30

    2017 APPAM International Conference

    This international conference, held in the capital of Europe’s political project, invites researchers, analysts, and policymakers to critically reflect on their experiences of working on issues of public policy and governance beyond borders. The event is hosted by MGSoG / UNU-MERIT (Maastricht University) and Syracuse University.

  •   1115 Sep 09:00
    - 17:00

    Curso de Postgrado en Derecho Tributario Internacional y Europeo

    Course in Spanish "Curso de Postgrado en Derecho Tributario Internacional y Europeo"

  • 25 Sep 09:00
    - 18:00

    Surveillance Conference

    Surveillance is one of the most disputed and debated policies of our time. Yet, an in-depth and more nuanced discussion is missing as to how surveillance affects and is perceived from three main stakeholders involved in the process of surveillance: surveillance authorities, data subjects and companies. 

  • 26 Sep
  • 15 Dec 10:00
    - 17:30

    Globalization as a Challenge to National Sovereignty

    De 2017 Staatsrechtconferentie te Maastricht zal zich buigen over de vraag welke betekenis soevereiniteit heeft in de hedendaagse wereld. Dat betekent dat we niet alleen zullen kijken naar de vraag wat soevereiniteit is of betekent, welke betekenis of betekenissen het begrip kan hebben, maar ook of en hoe nationale soevereiniteit en daaraan gekoppelde democratie en legitimiteit verenigbaar zijn dan wel verenigd kunnen worden met de trends van globalisering en Europeanisering op velerlei gebied.

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