• 17 Jun 10:00
    - 16:00
    Academic session, Workshop, Conference

    RELAY workshop: A Europe fit for the digital age

    Data-driven technologies are changing nearly every aspect of our lives, from how we work, learn, eat, sleep, vote, listen to music, watch films and TV, choose partners, communicate with friends and family, get the news. It’s hard to think of a single facet of contemporary life that is not being changed by big data analytics, machine-learning, algorithmic decision-making, and support systems.

    The question of whether Europe is fit for a digital age is not just a question concerning Europe’s technological readiness level, but also her societal readiness level: are Europe’s economic, education, judicial, media, and political institutions prepared to lead this transformation in a manner that allows the clear benefits and sometimes obscure risks of digitalization to be distributed in a just and equitable manner?

  • 29 Jun 15:30
    - 17:00
    Workshop, Academic session, Conference

    Webinar: Lobbying in Times of COVID-19

    This webinar focuses on "Lobbying in times of COVID-19". It seeks to encourage debate and exchange between professionals, academics and students in European public affairs.

  •   68 Sep Oct 15:00
    - 14:00
    Academic session

    Cursos de Postgrado 2021 VIRTUAL

    Online Tax Law Courses in Spanish.

    information only available in Spanish

  •   516 Sep 09:00
    - 17:00
    Academic session

    Cursos de Postgrado en Derecho Tributario Internacional y Europeo 2022

    Tax Law Courses in Spanish, location Brussels.

    information only available in Spanish

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