Earthquake Syria and Turkey

As a UM community, we are deeply saddened by the severe earthquakes in Turkey and Syria that have caused countless casualties. In our community too, students, staff and alumni are living in deep concern for family and friends in the affected areas. We sympathise strongly with them and are happy to offer any support we can.

If you, as a student or an employee, could use support in coping with the tragic events in Turkey and Syria, please contact the UM psychologists (for students) or your supervisor (for employees). Your supervisor may be able to refer you to the right people within UM. Of course, as a student, you can also speak to your student advisor.

Giro 555
You can also make a financial contribution to Giro 555, the joint bank account of the Dutch aid organisations.

Initiatives at UM

Are you organising relief or aid activities for Turkey and Syria that you wish to share with our UM community? Or do you know of any initiatives that are of value to the UM community? Let us know by clicking the green button on the right. 

* We appreciate your help and support for the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey. However, given the large number of initiatives coming in, we can only include relief efforts on this webpage that are directly linked to the UM community. We refer anyone wishing to make a financial contribution to the Foundation of Cooperating Aid Organisations (Giro555). Alternatively, you can donate via Ahbap, a Turkish NGO platform recommended by several alumni.

Initiatives in support of earthquake victims?
Let us know!

Organised initiatives by students and staff

WhatsApp group
Students from the affected area or with family in the affected area find support in each other through this WhatsApp group. You can participate via this link.

Fundraiser Dance for Turkey
A benefit party organised by students for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey on Saturday February 25th, 2023. You can participate via this link.

Hoodie sale
Students are organising a hoodie sale where they will be donating all the profits to UNICEF, which donates to earthquake relief. More details follow soon on this page.


Photocredits: Wikimedia Commons | VOA