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  • Motor Bikes ¬© Jans Canon

    Is a ban on outlaw motorcycle clubs effective?

    3 March 2017
    In Germany, various chapters of outlaw motorcycle gangs have been prohibited over the last decades. The Netherlands are currently working on a case to effectuate a ban. However, the effectiveness of a ban to tackle (organised) outlaw biker crime remains to be seen. This blog is only available in Dutch.
  • Combating organised crime_MLR blogs

    Confiscation of criminal assets

    31 January 2017
    Hans Nelen in Law
    Edwin Kruisbergen obtained his doctorate on monday 9-01-17 at the VU, with a thesis entitled Combating Organised Crime ; a study on undercover policing and the follow-the-money strategy . According to confiscation of illegally obtained assets Kruisbergen concluded that not even a 5 th part of the total amount that the Public Prosecution Service (OM) tries to claim from convicted persons, finally ends up in the Treasury. (Dutch only)
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