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  • Call the bluff_Brexit blog

    Call the bluff, prime minister (part 2)

    11 July 2018
    The Brexiteers had their chance in the past two years – they have pushed around a cabinet with a zeal driven by ideology, not practicality or reality. It is time for the remaining adults in the room to take charge. It is time for Theresa May to call the hard right’s bluff. Whether she will have the spine to do so is an entirely different matter.
  • Theresa May_Brexit blog Law Blogs Maastricht

    Call the bluff, prime minister (part one)

    9 July 2018
    With an Implosion of the Conservative Party becoming increasingly likely, Theresa May must stand up to extreme Brexit advocates before it’s too late.
  • blog on basic income law blogs maastricht

    Four concerns on the basic income (from a human rights perspective)

    6 July 2018
    In this entry I want to mention four considerations that suggest that human rights lawyers should be cautious in embracing basic income as a replacement for human rights. These reflections should be seen as merely exploratory. The basic income in full has never been put in practice, and consequently, it is hard to know exactly what it will entail.
  • Green patent_The social function of inventions: let “green patents” save the planet

    The social function of inventions: let “green patents” save the planet

    29 June 2018
    We are currently not only in the middle of the 4th Industrial Revolution but also on the midst of global climate change. With the on-going issues surrounding climate change, the world of IP is also evidently affected by it. Companies are fostering innovation by coming up with new technology which is more sustainable towards the environment, making sure that the human species can survive longer on this planet and in co-existence with the rest of the planet.
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