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  • Dividendbelasting

    Could the abolition of dividend tax lead to paradise?

    7 November 2017
    The coalition agreement of Rutte-III proposed to abolish the dividend tax, but not completely... It states that this Tax will be maintained in situations of abuse, in order to prevent tax evasion. (Dutch only)
  • Stability Treaty - TSCG

    The treaty on stability, coordination and governance

    6 November 2017
    Fromage in Law
    The economic and monetary crisis that has been hitting the European Union (EU) over the past decade has led the EU and its Member States to adopt several measures to safeguard the common currency. Among them is the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance (TSCG), adopted at the peak of the crisis in 2012 to reassure financial markets.
  • British library

    Teamwork in academic legal research

    6 November 2017
    Every endeavour is achieved as the result of teamwork, and librarians are fundamental members in our team when researching in law. Librarians provide able hands and without them effective research would be an almost impossible mission, especially in the Internet era. Above all, librarians hold the keys to the centres where knowledge is generated.
  • Champagne

    Can Aldi sell a dessert called “Champagner Sorbet”?

    1 November 2017
    Since “Champagne” is a protected designation of origin (PDO) under EU law, it is not self-evident whether a product that is not Champagne but which contains Champagne can use the protected term in its trade name.
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