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  • law_blog_niels_philipsen_china

    The importance of academic collaboration with China

    8 April 2021
    Recently there has been a strong wave of anti-China sentiments expressed in the media and within certain political circles, both in the United States and within the European Union. The Netherlands has been no exception to this.
  • law_blog_igir_start-ups

    LTEC lecture on new level playing field for patent litigation in Europe

    6 April 2021
    IGIR in Law
    The implementation of the Unitary Patent Package will represent the result of the evolution towards the unification of the European patent system.
  • Diet

    Nutri-Score as a Nudging Technique to Enhance Healthier Food Choices

    30 March 2021
    The Nutri-Score has been officially endorsed in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Spain and in other European countries they have been voluntarily used by large, private retail corporate groups. Given its underlying aim of helping curbing obesity and nutritious calory intake, Nutri-Score may be classified as a health nudge and one offering great potential for the health policy toolkit: as compared to traditional regulation, nudges are low-cost interventions which generate less resistance from consumers.
  • law_blog_minors_and_social_media_influencers

    Minors and social media – how are the most vulnerable protected?

    29 March 2021
    Could you estimate how much time of your day you spend on social media? The answer would most likely be something along the lines of ‘a lot’ or ‘I’m always connected, so I get notifications all the time anyways’ but an actual estimate, that’s a very tough guess to take. However, for most people, it is indeed a very high amount of time. Given that we spend an incredible amount of time on various social media platforms, it cannot be denied that the content we are exposed to for so many hours in a given day has an incredible impact on us. While, for a lot of people...
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