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  • Fall-leaves blog Paolo Balboni

    Big data, smart data, my data, your data: smart data protection by design (Part 1)

    24 October 2018
    Balboni in Law
    “The oil of the 21st century”, “the fuel of the digital economy”, the “data gold rush”. There’s no doubt that data is playing an ever-more important role in both the global society and the economy.
  • EU citizenship blog

    Brexit and citizenship II: Associate EU citizenship

    23 October 2018
    Why would the EU at all consider unilaterally offering a new status to British (or other former EU) citizens without there being any reciprocal status or legal protection for EU citizens living in the UK (or any other exiting Member State)?
  • Brexit and citizenship blog

    Brexit and citizenship I: retention of EU citizenship

    22 October 2018
    The entire structure of Article 50 TEU implies that it is up to a Member State to withdraw from the Union without there being any limitation imposed by EU law as to the reasons for the withdrawal, how this decision is taken or the extent to which that Member State takes into consideration the interests of its own nationals. If a Member State decides to exit the EU, and thus to strip their nationals of EU citizenship, it is perfectly entitled to do this. The EU, including its highest court cannot and should not alter this.
  • Law without walls experience story_hackaton

    LWOW a giant hackathon: the law without walls experience

    16 October 2018
    The quest for perfection in LWOW allows you to learn fast, develop many skillsets, and give you a good introduction to the workplace of tomorrow. Technology is all around in LWOW, we might be young millennials drowned in it, but we still have a bit to learn. LWOW will teach you how to use technology in a business setting efficiently.
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