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  • The York-Maastricht strategic partnership - a data science update

    19 May 2020
    Wednesday, March, 18 was supposed to be the kick-off day for the York-Maastricht partnership announced earlier in the year. Set around five different themes (agrifood, nutrition and health, Europe, global South, imaging and data science), the partnership was supposed to bring together, for the first time, research and education experts from the University of York and Maastricht University (particularly the Institute of Data Science and Maastricht Working on Europe), in an attempt to establish joint research projects, teaching collaborations, knowledge exchange,...
  • law_blog_paul_breitbarth_on_facebook_-_the_schrems_case

    16 July: the most important date of the year (for privacy people, that is…)

    15 May 2020
    On Thursday, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) published a long-awaited tweet: Case C-311/18 #Facebook Ireland & #Schrems – Judgment to be delivered on 16th July 2020 . This means that the Court in Luxembourg on 16 July will deliver its verdict in one of the most anticipated cases on privacy and data protection for years. The key question if the international flows of personal data can continue as we have come to do in recent years, or if major changes to the system are required. And that in turn may have an impact on many companies around the...
  • corvers-grenskannemaastricht-2020.jpg

    Why do Dutch entrepreneurs just across the border not receive corona benefits?

    14 May 2020
    During the corona crisis, national measures in the three countries on the Limburg borders are not coordinated equally well. As a result, there is currently a situation in the border region where certain border entrepreneurs fall between the cracks, such as in the Dutch newspaper NRC on April 2nd (" Emergency support for entrepreneurs? Not for these 'border cases ") and recently on April 24th in the Limburger and WijLimburg (" It seems as if the border entrepreneur stinks of rotten fish "): a Belgian resident with a year-old fish shop in the Netherlands, who now...
  • law_blog_lisa_waddington_disability

    Human rights, disabled people and Inclusive citizenship: planning for and beyond the corona virus and other emergency situations

    14 May 2020
    The Corona Virus crisis has led many people to reflect on aspects of citizenship and civil rights, ranging from personal privacy in the context of “corona apps” to the right to receive health care and medical treatment without discrimination. This blog examines two elements of citizenship which, in the context of the current crisis, are important for disabled people: access to public information and access to justice.
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