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  • library_pbl_law_and_law_literature_blog_agustin_parise

    An open laboratory for characters and scenarios!

    26 June 2020
    The Law and Literature (L&L) movement gained momentum in Europe during the past decades, having had so far more exposure on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. L&L offers an open laboratory to create and test knowledge, and the teaching of law should benefit from the genius and creativity of seminal writers. An interplay of L&L and Problem Based Learning (PBL) can be only beneficial and should be encouraged.
  • law_jean_monnet_blog_bruno_de_witte

    Jean Monnet

    22 June 2020
    Jean Monnet (1888-1979) is, in some ways, an unlikely person to be honoured by having a university hall called after him. Indeed, Monnet left school at the age of sixteen, never obtained a university degree, and indeed never started university studies. He grew up in the city of Cognac as the son of a négociant , a trader in the famous local fortified wines. From the age of 19, the young Jean started to travel across the world to sell the ‘cognac Monnet’ (a brand that still exists today). He had no time to undertake university studies. So, if he was not a ‘great...
  • Law blog by igir photographer paparazzo

    Paparazzo photos: copyright protected works or an intrusion into the celebrity’s private life?

    22 June 2020
    IGIR in Law
    To get photos of celebrities, paparazzi photographers wait for their targets to end up in the frame. They believe that the minute they released the shutter, the pictures are copyright protected. They don’t know that they might (un)knowingly or (un)intentionally breach someone’s right to privacy.
  • Brexit blog NL 2019 - welke opties zijn er - Aalt Willem Heringa

    Analysis: “Brexit, CSDP and the Arbitration Clause”

    19 June 2020
    Sometimes cases come along in which several unusual suspects come together. JF v EUCAP Somalia (T-194/20), for which the notification was published last Monday in the Official Journal, is one of them. In this case, a British national’s contract with the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) mission, EUCAP Somalia, was terminated in January 2020 by the Head of Mission citing the UK’s imminent withdrawal from the EU. JF, the British national, challenges that decision arguing that, at least during the transition period, he should be treated like all other...
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