WiDS Maastricht Datathon 2024 - A Lookback

On Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd February 2024, the Institute of Data Science at the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences hosted the 5th Women in Data Science (WiDS) Maastricht Datathon Event. The WiDS Maastricht Datathon event included a series of activities including data science tutorials, a 2-day working-together hackathon followed by a pitch session, and networking activities.

We welcomed almost 60 participants (15 teams!) from academia and industry, covering many different backgrounds and career stages. The participants were encouraged to connect and learn from each other and improve their data science skills by solving a data challenge in Breast Cancer treatment. During the pitch session, participating teams presented their methods, the bias and fairness of their models, and lessons learned in these two days.


At the end of the two-day event, we celebrated the winners of the Responsible Data Science Pioneer Team Prize: Team TheBombAIstics! All winning team members (Mireia Fortuño LedesmaMaria Aurora BotaShraddha Jhingan, and Adolfo Fernández Santamónica) are Master's students from the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences at UM. 

The final WIDS Maastricht Datathon winners were selected at March 2nd and announced at the WIDS Maastricht Conference on 7th March: Congratulations to Team "AI-in-hoven" (Ang Mu, Baichen Yan, and Qingqing Liao)!

WiDS Maastricht Datathon Winners 2024
Team TheBombAIstics (left) and team Ai-in-hoven (right)


We would like to acknowledge our organizersChang SunMado NtekouliYuyang YanZhiwei ChenSpeakersAfsana KhanMaryam MohammadiYaru ZhangTutors: Dennis SoemersRena YangGijs WijngaardMahmoud Ibrahim, and Pranav Bapat and jury groupMichel DumontierMartina Summer-KutmonPedro Hernández, and Yaru Zhang for their contributions to the WIDS Maastricht Datathon event!