Dr W.B.J. Goossens

- Coordinator / tutor: Analysis of Paintings and Literary Texts
Skills training, Bachelor Arts and Culture year 1
Introduction into morphological analysis of paintings and narratological and stylistic analysis of literary texts. How does style work? This skills training will investigate this by looking into the characteristics of the works of art under discussion in Course 1.E., Style and Modernity. The key question will always be how characteristic aspects of the artistic form contribute to the meaning of a work.

- Coordinator / tutor: The Future of the Arts. Danto and the problem of the Brillo Boxes
Course, Major Literature, the Arts and Culture year 3
This course considers discussions of recent history, the current situation and the future of the arts, based on concepts such as progress, pluralism, the avant-garde, postmodernism en relativism. The central idea in this course is the American philosopher Arthur Danto's view about the so-called 'end of art' as a result of the increased conceptual content of - in particular - the visual arts. Attention shall be paid to traditional and current philosophical theories about art, the hybrid nature of contemporary art and the tention between art theory and studio practice. Part of the course are visits to the Maastricht Bonnefanten Museum and to the studios of final year students 'autonomous fine arts' at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Maastricht.

- Mentor of a group of students of the BA Arts and Culture from the academic year 2011/12

- Supervision MA Thesis / BA Thesis

Previous years:

* Political History of the 20th Century (coordinator / tutor, from 2008 till 2011)
* Style and Modernity (tutor, from 2008 till 2010)
* After the Apocalypse (tutor, 2009)
* Disenchantment and Ideology (tutor, 2008)
* BA Cultuurwetenschappen: Schrijf- en onderzoeksvaardigheden (tutor, from 2008 till 2010)