V.G. Bijman

Vincent Bijman is a PhD candidate in Environmental History. In his current project, he studies the history of the science, management and cultural representation of 'invasive animals'. This research is part of the VICI project 'Moving Animals: A history of Science, Media and Policy in the 20th century'. He is currently working on three case studies: the Indian mongoose, the sea lamprey and the ruddy duck. These cases are used as 'empirical lenses', and help to show how certain animals became represented as problematic 'invasive species', and the target of extensive conrol efforts.

Before starting his PhD in March 2020, Vincent Bijman worked as a Teaching Assistant at FASoS, teaching various undergraduate courses on European contemporary history and academic research skills. Bijman holds a MA(Research) in History and a MEd. in History Education, both obtained at the University of Amsterdam.