How does the Student Portal work?

Many functions are integrated into the Student Portal. This is what you can do on each page.

The most important things first

student portal home page

Home page

The home page is the first screen you see when you log in. It shows you the main menu and the logout option. Here you can:

  • Quickly check your daily calendar
  • Browse your announcements
  • See your upcoming deadlines

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My Courses

The My Courses page shows you an overview of all your courses. Here you can:

  • Access your course information
  • Check your grades
  • Register and deregister for exams
  • Add and remove courses
  • Access your Course Details

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Course information

student portal

Course Details

The Course Details page show you the course information, course materials, assignments etc. Here you can:

  • Access your course materials
  • Find you assignments
  • See course announcements

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Academic calendar

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My Timetable

This page shows you a day-to-day view of your UM timetable. All your UM meetings are organised so your can access your course materials directly from the timetable. You can also see who else is in the meeting. Here you can:

  • Check your calendar
  • Access course materials
  • See who's in your meetings

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Boost your employability!

My Personal & Professional Development Portal

My Personal & Professional Development Portal

Click the My Personal & Professional Development Portal link to access the employability portal

  • Make the most out of your studies, hone your employability skills and make yourself sought after by graduate recruiters.

The most important links

student portal

My Links

This page presents links to other systems, webpages and applications. Some support the single login system the portal uses so you can access them without logging in. Here you can:

  • Access linked systems
  • Add/remove links

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Find your way to the right helpdesk

student portal


If you need help, use the build-in function to send a request to the ICT Servicedesk yourself or to send us your feedback: the Student Portal was developed in collaboration with students. If you have good ideas to improve the portal, please share them with us.

The second page of the Help contains the contact details of SSC and the faculties for study related and administrative questions.

What does this mean for staff members?