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My Courses

On the My Courses page you can find all your courses, see your results, register and deregister exams and access your course materials.

Possible actions

student portal
  • Add/remove a course
  • Add/change specialisation
  • Show results
  • More actions (register exams)

Add/remove a course

student portal
  • Clicking this button opens a selection screen to open the SAP application where the student can execute the preferred action
  • Possibility to consult an instruction on how to execute the action in SAP

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Add or change a specialisation, major or minor

student portal
  • If applicable, click the link 'Add specialisation' below your programme of study to request a specialisation, major or minor.
  • If applicable, click the link 'Change' next to your specialisation, major or minor to request a change.

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Special course request

student portal
  • If you would like to participate in course which is not part of your programme of study, you can request this via 'Special course request'.
  • Click the 'Special course request' option to open the SAP application that allows you to make this request.
  • Instructions are available in the pop-up screen.

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Access results

student portal
  • Click 'Show results' to reveal your results.
  • The GPA (if available) and your total number of credits will be shown at the top of the page.


View results

student portal
  • Click 'Show results' to reveal your results
  • Click on the individual result for result details
  • You can find the grades published via the course page by using the 'Results course details' link on the top of the pop-up.


Results course details

student portal

The results from the course details will be opened in a new tab

  • This shows the grades published via the course details.
  • You can return to the official results by closing the tab or switching back to the student portal tab


Register exams

student portal
  • Click 'Show actions' to reveal all possible exam (de)registration actions. Actions are shown for the courses for which a registration window is open.


Current courses' action icons

student portal

Status concerning exam registration for current courses. 

Failed courses' action icons

student portal

Status concerning exam registration for failed courses.

(De)register exams

student portal
  • Click on the green icon behind course to change the exam registration:
    • Register
    • Deregister

(De)registration confirmation

student portal

After you click the "register" button, a confirmation is shown on the screen.

Reregister course

student portal
  • Click green icon behind course to reregister a failed course.
  • Use instructions to reregister for course.
  • Greyed-out clock icon: indicates that you already have a recent booking for the course.

Show all periods

student portal
  • View registered courses for upcoming academic period(s)

Print grade list

student portal

You can print a PDF with your gradelist by:

  • Going to the My Courses page
  • Scrolling down to the bottom
  • Click the 'Print grade list' button
  • Choose whether you want to include 'All courses' or 'Completed courses'

Please note that the grade list is not an official transcript. You can request an official transcript at the education office of your faculty.