Basic guidelines for developing mobile apps

The following rules and procedures apply to any external party that builds apps for Maastricht University (UM). All UM apps are published on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Before any app is published, UM performs a quality check.

Code of conduct

To comply with our code of conduct, please contact the Information Manager or Privacy Officer from your department or unit about the registration of personal data and the guidelines that apply in this matter, like the signing of a Data Processing Agreement and other documents. Also see the UM privacy page and information on cyber security.

Technical support

The UM Digital Innovations team has in-house developers, designers and content creators. If necessary, we can give you technical support while you are developing the app. To do so, we need the following (upon request or upfront, depending on the nature of the app): 

  • Up-to-date source code with in-code documentation on a private GitHub repository
  • Details about the backend, hosting provider and contractual terms
  • In case of Software as a Service, specified delegated access and/or full access
  • Guarantees that the backend complies with legal requirements
  • Test and performance reports, depending on the app and backend service

General work agreement

Working with UM means you accept the following terms and conditions or practices:

  • We sign, compile and publish the app. We don't accept signed and compiled files sent by the developer.
  • You will commit to a Service Level Agreement in which we agree on updates, bug fixes, using persona's or cases, project description, among others.
  • We will also create a custom agreement in which we state what each party does and if expected to do.
  • To limit the time and cost of code views, we currently only support hybrid apps that use a certain framework (in our case Ionic).
  • The Digital Innovations team will be in touch with other developers and companies to maintain a realistic price and perform quality control checks.

Design and content

Your design must fit the UM house style.

If you have any questions about the UM house style, please contact Mariken van Meteren at