Study at FHML during COVID-19

We understand that in these uncertain times it is difficult to assess what the new academic year will look like. And we imagine that you have questions like "how about safety in Maastricht?", "what will education look like at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences in September?", or "what can I expect from student life?".

On this page we will answer your questions in the best way possible. But be aware, the coronacrisis can always throw us an unexpected curveball, which changes things again.


Students studying in the student canteen of Maastricht University

Set-up of the first semester 

What can you expect in terms of on campus and online education during the first semester?

  • Small-scale educational activities and/or tutorial groups
    You will regularly participate in small-scale educational activities and/or tutorial group meetings on campus. This will be alternated with online participation.
  • Lectures
    In principle, the lectures will be given entirely online. Within some study programmes, lectures will be offered partly online and partly on-campus.
  • Trainings, practicals, workshops and other forms of learning*
    Each programme has its own specific trainings, practicals and workshops. For these programme components, we are investigating to what extent they can be organised on campus, or whether a hybrid or online format is more appropriate.
    *First-year bachelor students Biomedical Sciences must buy their own lab coat this year.
  • Assessment
    In principle, exams will take place online during the first semester.

This approach offers the possibility of gradually expanding on-campus education or switching back to fully-online education if the rules of the Dutch government change.

Experience Maastricht

Being present in Maastricht gives you a rich 'Maastricht experience'. It enables you to:

  • meet fellow students and tutors/mentors in person to facilitate smooth interactions,
  • collaborate and discuss intensively with your fellow students,
  • experience the atmosphere on campus, where everything is done to provide you with a safe and hygienic learning environment,
  • participate in (small-scale) activities of study associations,
  • socialise with your fellow students individually or in a sorority/fraternity,
  • live in a lively, beautiful, international (student) city, where everything is accessible on foot or by bike and you are not dependent on public transport.

Refurbishments on campus, for a fresh and bright start!

During the summer period, we are refurbishing at campus, building fab new spaces for studying or hanging out with friends. We're happy and proud to show you these artist impressions of our new stylish addition to the campus. 

Can you see yourself sitting there, come September? We can!

Safety in times of corona

Factsheet measures corona

The Dutch government is making a strong appeal to the common sense and responsibility of our citizens in fighting the crisis: Together, we’ll get coronavirus under control in the Netherlands. On the website of the Government of the Netherlands you can find information about what the Dutch government – together with other organisations – is doing.  You can check out the current roadmap of measures against coronavirus, FAQs on health, read about the education sector and many more topics.

Safety in the city of Maastricht

The municipality of Maastricht is working with various think-tanks on how they can support citizens in what we call the '1.5m society'.  To ensure safety in the city centre the 'Ingel vaan Mestreech' shows you the way and there are friendly hospitality guides who are also happy to guide you in the right direction. You can have a look at the pedestrian plan in advance so that you are well prepared for the road. A full article about safety measures in the city centre can be found here (article in Dutch).

Student life in Maastricht

To get your academic year off to a good start, various introductory events are being organised. The two most popular events in for Maastricht are the INKOM (focused on student life) and the FHML introduction days (focused on education). Besides introductory events, you can expect to find information about student associations, UM Sports and the one-stop-(information)shop for all international students!

INKOM 2002


The INKOM is the general introduction week of Maastricht for all new students of Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. INKOM is a typical Dutch student life introduction, a cooperation of uni students and study assocations, focused on the student life not on the content of the educational programmes. Given the current COVID-19 crisis, INKOM 2020 will take place as a partly digital and partly physical event. But... don't worry! We are working hard to make INKOM 2020 a great edition! Block 17-21 August if you want to join the INKOM 2020. Registration opens on 8 June. Do you want the latest updates? Then follow @INKOMmaastricht on social media!

Faculty Introduction

During a one-day Faculty Introduction at the end of August, you will get to know the faculty FHML, the health campus and your fellow students. Everything is organised in such a way that it is corona-proof. The activities on that day - such as a lecture and games - will be online. And for the whole day you will be partnered up with the students of your tutorial group, so you know each other already when education kicks of.

No upcoming events

Study associations

At FHML, there are several study associations. As a member of a study association everything is possible, but nothing is mandatory.

At the study associations you can:
 enjoy lots of activities with your fellow students;
 receive discount on books and study materials;
 get exam training and study support;
 attend lectures and workshops focused on your study programme and career;
 help to improve the educational system.

One-stop information platform for international students 

Are you an international student who is planning to come to Maastricht in August? And are you looking for information regarding Health, Transport, Housing and Finances as well as Sports, Media and Community in Maastricht? Then Mymaastricht is the place for you! is the one-stop information platform to help international students find their way in the city. They reach students via their website, blog and social media, as well as by running workshops during the University open days. Mymaastricht works with the University and the "Gemeente" (the local municipality) to help give students the best start to their life in the city.

UM Sports

The gyms in the Netherlands may reopen on 1 July. This easing of the rules will only take place if the situation is deemed safe. The Dutch Outbreak Management Team (OMT) will give its final advice at the end of June.

In the meantime, UM Sports - which is located on our campus - is busy working on the necessary preparations to (hopefully) welcome you back on 1 July. Until then, you can make use of their range of online lessons. And their outdoor trainings have started again.

Campus Tour UM sports 2016