Study in Maastricht

You are safe in Maastricht

 We are as committed to your health as we are to your intellectual and personal development. Maastricht University has strict security and hygiene protocols in place to protect our community. Our student doctor will facilitate easy access to health care and we offer a wide range of mental health services for our students. Our beautiful, compact city allows you get around on foot or by bike, so there’s no need to rely on public transport. You can find the kind of accommodation you are most comfortable with and there is an academic hospital next to the university.

We have worked hard to allow you to safely enjoy your education in Maastricht. You will discuss and learn in small international groups and forge friendships. You will develop skills and self-knowledge together. You will explore new ideas and your own interests. If necessary, we will offer lectures, tutorials and discussion groups online – but you getting to know your fellow students is still crucial. I want to encourage you to come to our beautiful city, be part of our community, and get the most out of your study experience.

You are safe in Maastricht – we look forward to welcoming you here.​   

Rianne Letschert, Rector Magnificus

On campus, if you can. Online, if you need to

Studying at Maastricht University means studying in the Maastricht region—an innovative, international region where we solve European and global problems—also in the coming academic year. From 31 August, Maastricht University's motto will be: education ‘on campus’ at the university if possible, online if necessary (due to coronavirus measures). But even then, always in connection with Maastricht. Or with Heerlen, with Sittard-Geleen and with Venlo, where young, ambitious university communities grow and flourish on the Brightlands campuses.

Can we help you?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you may have additional questions about completing your application. Perhaps you would like to talk to someone about the programme you’re applying for, or you’re looking for some pointers to start preparing your studies at Maastricht University.

To protect you and the community, Maastricht University has suspended all in-person events for prospective students. However, we offer various online opportunities to find out more about our programmes, Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and the university.

We have tried to gather all the relevant information to guide you through the admissions process here. On this page, you can find resources for the following:

Contact for prospective students
 +31 43 388 5388
 Facebook (messenger)

Contact for Dutch secondary schools

Contact for non-Dutch secondary schools

Application, admission and preparation for study programmes

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Admission and registration for study programmes

The steps for applying are outlined on the ‘Admission and registration’ pages of the individual programme websites.

If you are in the process of applying for a bachelor’s programme, it’s good to know that the application deadlines for most bachelor’s programmes have been extended until 1 August. To find out which application deadline applies to the programme of your choice, visit the programme’s website and look at the page ‘Admission & Registration’. All information has been updated to reflect the new situation.

Additional questions
If you have questions, our FAQ for prospective students may provide the answers. For additional help, don’t hesitate to contact our Student Services Centre via, +31 43 38 85388, our Livechat or Facebook Messenger.

Online contact opportunities
If you would like to talk to someone about your study programme, various faculties have organised extra opportunities for you to get in touch online. We also offer other ways to experience our programmes virtually. You can find a list at the bottom of this page.

Cancel your application
Do you want to cancel your application with Maastricht University? You can find more information here.

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Requirements for master’s programmes starting September 2020

Prospective master’s students who would like to start in September 2020 have been in a state of uncertainty lately. Normally, you can only start a master's programme after you have completed a prerequisite bachelor's programme (and have met a number of other admission requirements). However, completing a bachelor’s programme according to schedule is currently a challenge in some places.

UM fully understands that the coronavirus crisis is affecting everyone. On the basis of this understanding, but above all on the basis of the confidence we have in students, UM has established a policy regarding the requirements for starting a master's programme in September. These rules apply to all students, whether they are following a bachelor's programme at UM or at another university (in the Netherlands or abroad). They also apply to students following a pre-master’s programme at UM or elsewhere.

 The decision is as follows:

  • Students can start a UM master's programme in September 2020 if they have obtained at least 80% of the ECTS from the final year of their bachelor's programme (for a 3-year bachelor’s programme, a maximum of 12 ECTS from year 3 may be missing; all ECTS from years 1 and 2 must have already been obtained).
  • This applies to all prospective master’s students—students with a bachelor's degree from UM or from another university.
  • For students from a pre-master's programme, the UM master's programme will assess whether the student can start on the basis of the prerequisite knowledge that has already been attained. The 80% standard is a guideline.
  • In all cases, individual UM master's programmes may have more specific, but not stricter, requirements.
  • At the start of the master’s programme, students who have not completed their bachelor’s degree will establish with the programme when their prior education will be completed (in any case, it must be completed during the 2020-21 academic year).
  • The generally applicable admission requirements will remain in force, such as language requirements or that the content of the student’s prior education must be appropriate for the chosen master's programme.
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Other matters to arrange before your studies

Have a look at our information about:

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Student life in Maastricht

As a future student of Maastricht University, you may have all sorts of questions. By providing information that helps you sort out the small things in life, we strive towards making Maastricht more than just a city you came to study in.

For all the information you need to live, study and work in Maastricht, we recommend looking at MyMaastricht. The website covers personal finances, housing, health care, transport and more.

Additionally, have a look at our student support:


  • Admission and registration for study programmes

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  • Requirements for master’s programmes starting September 2020

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  • Other matters to arrange before your studies

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  • Student life in Maastricht

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Experience UM Online

We offer several ways of virtually exploring Maastricht University, its campuses, key facilities and study programmes.

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Virtual Experience Days

With Experience Days and personal visits cancelled, our faculties offer you alternative opportunities to experience what it is like to study at Maastricht University.

We offer Virtual Experience Days to provide you with the best possible support in making your decision. A Virtual Experience Day gives you the chance to find out if this programme is a match for you and and to have your questions answered. An overview of the upcoming Virtual Experience Days can be found below. 

  Virtual Experience Days 

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Virtual Campus Tour

This is a web-based guide to Maastricht University (UM) and the city of Maastricht. Use the interactive map to explore UM faculties and departments. See where students are taught, where they study and relax, and get a taste of the city of Maastricht. Click on your location of choice for an introductory video and information.

Virtual Campus Tour
Virtual Open Day Live!
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Virtual Bachelor's Open Day

No matter where you live or how busy your schedule is, you can visit our Virtual Open Day for bachelor’s programmes whenever, wherever.

Virtual Open Day
Live session
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Maastricht University live

Connect with our students in real-time during our live-stream on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to find out more about our young and international university.

They will share their personal stories about why they chose us and how they settled in. Learn more about our approach to teaching, what it is like to study at the most international university of the Netherlands and practical matters around student life. An admission officer will join us to bust some myths about the application procedure.

Keep an eye out for future sessions. You can also rewatch our previous live-streams.

  UM Live: Bachelor's edition
  UM Live: Master's edition

Maastricht University students on Problem-Based Learning

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Prospective student video's

Get an idea of what it's like to study and live in Maastricht. Learn more about our Problem-Based Learning method and our study programmes, and get to know the city and its people. 

  Prospective student video's on YouTube
  Life in Maastricht video's on YouTube

  • Virtual Experience Days

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  • Virtual Campus Tour

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  • Virtual Bachelor's Open Day

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  • Maastricht University live

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  • Prospective student video's

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Get in touch & meet us online

With Experience Days and personal visits cancelled, our faculties offer you alternative opportunities to experience what it is like to study at Maastricht University and to have your questions answered.

For example, we offer Virtual Experience Days to provide you with the best possible support in making your decision. A Virtual Experience Day gives you the chance to find out if this programme is a match for you. An overview of the upcoming Virtual Experience Days can be found here

Head over to your faculty of choice, plan your virtual appointment and have a one-on-one chat with us.