We hope to welcome you!

On campus, if you can. Online, if you need to

Studying at Maastricht University means studying in the Maastricht region—an innovative, international region where we solve European and global problems—also in the coming academic year. From 31 August, Maastricht University's motto will be: education ‘on campus’ at the university if possible, online if necessary (due to coronavirus measures). But even then, always in connection with Maastricht. Or with Heerlen, with Sittard-Geleen and with Venlo, where young, ambitious university communities grow and flourish on the Brightlands campuses.

And whether you are studying in one of these cities or you are required to be elsewhere, we will of course continue using Problem-Based Learning. If you choose UM as a place to study, you are choosing an internationally-oriented university that believes in small-scale education, with a lot of interaction between students and teachers. This means working together in small groups on complex, socially relevant issues from different perspectives.

Studying in an international environment...
We remain committed to the Maastricht University Student Experience—education where the focus is on the student. You will study in a pre-eminently international environment, also thanks to YUFE, the ‘European University’ that brings the international dimension within reach of the students. Collaborate on projects with students from different universities. Take part in a European mobility programme. Turn your studies into an international programme, where you select courses and a whole range of extracurricular activities from 10 different European universities. Even if you can’t travel abroad for your studies, you can still ‘study internationally’.

…on our campus or elsewhere
We make the most of the space we have on our campus to meet the needs of our students to come together in the ‘international classroom’ to collaborate, to socialise, to interact. After all, getting an education is about so much more than just earning credits. And here we are also looking to connect online with students who are not yet able to come to Maastricht! That will not look exactly the same everywhere because all study programmes are different. Customisation, the right mix between education on campus and online, depends on the content and structure of the programme.

We care for our students, mentally and physically
Maastricht University looks after the physical and mental wellbeing of its students. When you come to Maastricht, an informative welcome packet is waiting for you. We make sure that we take preventive measures in our buildings. A doctor is available to all students, especially for coronavirus issues, but also for other health questions. In the compact city of Maastricht, medical assistance is available 24/7 and is never far away.

In addition, there is a wide range of student support services: faculty study advisors, career coaches, student counsellors and psychologists, as well as online modules in a number of areas. In acute crisis situations, we set up a helpdesk that is available 24 hours a day. Even with adherence to the social distancing rules, as a student at UM you are never alone. Also in the new academic year, due to the small-scale setup of our programmes, you will never be treated as though you are just a number. You will always be part of a group, either physically or virtually. There will always be someone to talk to, such as your personal mentor.

Attention to the employability of master’s students
For master’s students who are often in Maastricht for a shorter period of time, we pay extra attention to employability. Through existing and new online and (where possible) ‘real-life’ environments, we prepare our master's students for the known and unknown jobs of the future. At the Brightlands campuses in Maastricht, Heerlen, Sittard-Geleen and Venlo, which are an integral part of our innovative university ecosystem, we take advantage of the many opportunities for students to gain professional experience and industry knowledge while they are still in an educational environment.

We’re here for all students
Maastricht University is a young institution. Dynamic and agile. When problems arise, we provide solutions. Even in these difficult times, we are able to offer high-quality education in a student-friendly environment. That is why we invite all students, if possible, to come to Maastricht in August. And to students who are not yet able to do so, we say: no problem, we will offer you a fully online educational experience until you are able to come to us.

We hope to welcome you in Maastricht as soon as possible.

More information on online education at UM can be found here.