S.N.E. Meeuwissen

Stephanie Meeuwissen (1991) is a Medical Doctor with a degree from Maastricht University (with honours). Until February 2021, she worked as a PhD candidate, combining research and teaching activities in bachelor and master programs at the Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences, Maastricht. Additionnaly, she was member of the Scientific Committee of Maastricht University Medical Center [MUMC+]. She is currently an Internal Medicine resident at the MUMC+ and a faculty member of the Department of Educational Development and Education, School of Health Professions Education at Maastricht University. She is active in the Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE), PhD supervision and the Faculty Development Workforce, focusing on clinical teaching.

Her PhD research focused on interdisciplinary collaboration of teachers in the development of integrated health profession education. Specifically, the PhD studies focused on fostering understanding and facilitating interdisciplinary team (learning) processes, learning cultures and psychological safety in the workplace. In her research, Stephanie takes a multidisciplinary approach, using knowledge from management sciences and health care, and using qualitative, ethnographic and quantitative methods. Her work was granted with multiple international grants and awards (i.e. AMEE, AERA). 

During her studies, she was active as a representative in multiple educational  committees and accredititation panels and she advised in boards on a local, national and international level. 

Her interest is in workplace learning and leadership, specifically concepts of team learning (reaching mutual cognition), psychological safety (speaking up), coaching and co-creation. 
Translating research insights into (educational and managerial) practice is a major goal. She is passionate to combine high-quality patient care, research and education.