Sarah McGibbon (S.J.)

Dr Sarah McGibbon is a Visiting Scholar in the Department of International and European Law. She completed her PhD research in the department during 2018 - 2022, under the supervision of Professor Jure Vidmar and Dr Wim Muller. Sarah's PhD research focused on the international legal capacity and responsibility of non-state effective territorial entities. She is also a member of the WOTRO-funded project, Development Rights of Children Living in Unrecognised States. Sarah's current research focuses on the concept of belonging in international law, and its potential to harness a transnational identity to drive collective action in the face of global challenges such as climate change. 


Sarah joined the department to conduct her PhD research in 2018, relocating from South Africa where she was a practising attorney in the field of administrative, constitutional and human rights law.


Sarah obtained her LLB (cum laude) at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and later her LLM (specialising in International Law) at the University of Cambridge, UK, where she was a Mandela Magdalene Scholar.


Sarah is currently also a Lecturer in International Peace and Security at Durham University in the United Kingdom, where she is also the Deputy Director of the Durham Global Security Institute.