Prof Dr R.P.M. Kemp

What this world needs is a different world (Kamagurka). How to make the work more sustainable , fair and tolerant is something I do research on.  I am doing this as expert on eco-innovation, transition dynamics, social innovation, governance for sustainable development and multi-method analysis. I am not wedded to a single theory or method: As a critical pluralist, I feel that all theories and methods have advantages and limitations which are best acknowledged and faced. In my own research, I try to combine insights, methods and frameworks from different fields.  At the School of Business and Economics (in Maastricht), I co-lead the MORSE initiative about problem-based research, which encourages researchers to work across disciplines and fields on complex, real-world questions, together with stakeholders on the topics of resilience, responsibility and sustainability. I am professor of Innovation and Sustainable Development at MSI and UNU-MERIT. For fun I collect aphorisms and dualisms.