Dr Roberta Haar (R.N.)

Roberta N. Haar is Professor of Foreign Policy Analysis and Transatlantic Relations within the field of International Relations. She teaches courses in International Relations, in particular foreign policy.  She is the Principal Investigator for the REMIT EU Horizon Project, for which the EU Commission and the United Kingdom awarded €3 million over four years. The REMIT consortium consists of 9 partner institutions in 8 European countries with over 40 researchers. 


Recent publications for Professor Haar include:  “Consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for the United States’ Position in Europe,” (2022) Atlantisch Perspectief, 46(3), 14-18.  The Making of European Security Policy: Between Institutional Dynamics and Global Challenges (2021), which is within the Routledge series “Studies in European Security and Strategy” and co-edited with Thomas Christiansen, Sabina Lange and Sophie Vanhoonacker; “Foreign Policy Change from an Advocacy Coalition Framework Perspective” (2021) with Jonathan Pierce in International Studies Review;  “The Biden administration's incompatible views on multilateralism( 2021), Atlantisch Perspectief, 45(5), p. 20-24; “The Failure of Foreign Policy Entrepreneurs in the Trump Administration” (2021), with Lutz F. Krebs in Politics & Policy; “Insurgency and American Foreign Policy: The case of George McGovern” (2017) in World Affairs

Dr. Haar also writes a column entitled Across the Atlantic with the Dutch national magazine EW https://www.ewmagazine.nl/auteur/roberta-n-haar/.