REVENT IT | Risk Management and Prevention of Antibiotics Resistance

PREVENT IT | Risk Management and Prevention of Antibiotics Resistance  is a four-year project  (2019-2022) co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. With super-expertise in different health sciences fields and societal contexts, the project comprises 5 Indian universities, 4 European universities as well as 2 Non-Governmental Organizations from India. The vision of the project is a future where every individual is aware of antibiotic resistance (ABR) and empowered with the right education to address the issue of ABR. Therefore, PREVENT IT ABR Project aims to promote qualitative teaching activities in academia as well as in society. 

Coordinated by Chitkara University Punjab, the PREVENT IT Indo-European consortium is composed by four European universities – the Rīga Stradiņš University, the University of Milan, the Catholica University Portugal and Maastricht University, collaborating with five Indian Universities, Amrita V. V. University, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Symbiosis International (deemed) University  - and two Indian non-governmental organizations from Rural Institute for People’s Enlightenment and Voluntary Health Association of Tripura. European universities are assisting the Indian universities and NGOs to design new curricula on ABR.

The project aims to:

  • Introduce interdisciplinary curricula on ABR, prevention and risk management of ABR in new or modernized pre-existing study programs;
  • Produce and disseminate online courses – as open educational resource – specifically designed for students, health sciences experts, and civil society organizations working in the field of health in rural communities;
  • Create awareness in different stakeholders such as general public, academicians, policymakers, etc;
  • Create social media campaigns in order to raise awareness in Indian society;
  • Set up a lab for regular training in project’s proposals, designed to ensure sustainability in ABR prevention;
  • Establish the European-Indian Network for Risk Management and Prevention of ABR in order to enlarge the target audience involved in the risk management and preventive initiatives.

A preliminary study conducted by the PREVENT IT consortium highlighted that the absence of academic modules on risk management and prevention of ABR, along with a low awareness in Indian society. The PREVENT IT ABR Project consortium has conducted a preliminary study which highlights the absence of academic modules on risk management and prevention of ABR, and an alarming lack of awareness in the Indian society.

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