Education Physiology

The department participates and oversees teaching in Physiology for different education programs. Maastricht University has fully adopted Problem-Based Learning (PBL), which enables us to integrate basic physiology with every other medical pre-clinical and clinical discipline in clinically relevant problems or “model” cases. The Medical School also adopted a Z-model of teaching pre-clinical disciplines throughout the entire 6-year medical curriculum (BSc/MSc). As a consequence, in the medical master and graduate-entry program A-KO, real cases presented by the medical students are physiologically analyzed.

As department, we also organize elective Physiology courses at the University College MaastrichtUniversity College Venlo, and Maastricht Science Program and a compulsory course at the Maastricht Academy for Midwives (AV-M).

All members of the staff participate in teaching, two being fully dedicated to teaching.