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The Department of Physiology conducts Cardiovascular research and teaches Physiology classes at the Medical School, the University College and the Science College of Maastricht University.

Research of the Department of Physiology is embedded in the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht, where we have 4 principal investigators, each with a group of 1-2 additional staff members, 1-2 technicians and 10-15 temporary scientific staff (postdocs, PhD students, technicians). Our research in Electrophysiology of the heart, Cardiac Resynchronization, vascular Glycocalyx and Vascular Regeneration is of high international standard and covers the entire range of fundamental mechanistic studies to investigator initiated clinical trials. The societal relevance of our research is further underscored by spin-off activities.

Our office serves as the administrative center of the Dutch Physiological Society and the Federal European Physiological Society.

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Department of Physiology

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