Master's Honours Research Track

The Faculty of Law offers its ambitious master’s students a supplementary Law Honours Research Track which takes place from January to June every year. This programme, which is embedded in the Maastricht Graduate School of Law, allows master’s students to learn more about conducting academic research, in addition to their regular studies.

Honours students who take part in the Research Track have the opportunity to acquire a profound basis in research methodology and to apply this knowledge in their master’s thesis on a topic of their choice. Through the Honours Research Track Programme, students prepare themselves for a future PhD or academic career.

Study load

Students completing the Masters Honours Research Programme will obtain 15 extra credits from the Maastricht Graduate School of Law. These are in addition to the 60 credits of the regular master’s programme. This means that Honours students must be prepared to study approximately 8 – 12 hours per week in addition to their regular studies during the course of the programme.  In consultation with their supervisor, students may increase the study load by a maximum of 12 credits for writing an extended master’s thesis. To be eligible for an extended master’s thesis, applicants must submit a well-founded request to the coordinator of the programme before writing their master's thesis. This request must demonstrate how insights acquired during the methodological courses of the Masters Honours Research Track will be used in their theses and the request must be accompanied by the supervisor's consent to write an extended thesis. The extended thesis must contain at least 15,000 words.


Students who successfully complete the programme will receive a Law Honours Research Track certificate together with their master’s degree.