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Maastricht Graduate School of Law

The Graduate School of Law offers a stimulating and internationally oriented environment for legal research. It is dedicated to training excellent PhD researchers and honours students from all over the world, extending, deepening and actively applying their knowledge on their journey to becoming highly qualified researchers.

Research & training

We aim at supervising research carried out in the areas of law in which our institutes and inter-university research schools are specialized:

  1. Global justice
  2. Institutional transformations
  3. Globalising markets
  4. Cross-border cooperation and mobility
  5. Law and Technology

The main focus is the role of law in an ever-globalising society and the institutional and substantive legal developments in Europeanisation and globalisation. Research is rooted in the research groups and institutes and in the domains of the inter-university Ius Commune Research School (the common law of Europe).

The Maastricht Graduate School of Law offers sound and tailor-made training to PhD researchers and Master’s Honours students. Both training programmes focus on research methodology, research integrity, skills training and career development.

In addition, PhD researchers may teach Bachelor’s and Master’s courses at Maastricht University in their field of expertise.



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  • fons coomans

    Are human rights of future generations our concern?

    Monday, October 3, 2022

    After years of meaningful work at our university, Prof. Fons Coomans gave his farewell address to the Faculty of Law on 2 September, where he examined important human rights questions. How do they impact our daily lives? And how do they affect people on a personal level? Will future generations still have human rights?

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  • Law_eva_van_oij_publicatie

    Highly Mobile Workers and the Coordination of Social Security in the EU – Opening and Closing Pandora’s Box

    Thursday, September 29, 2022

    PhD thesis written by Eva van Ooij.
    With many forms of flexible work, it seems more important than ever to map out mobility-related issues that highly mobile workers may encounter and to explore possible routes towards more legal certainty regarding their social security protection. That is, exactly, what this research aims to attain.

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  • law_a_pragmatic_approach_to_the_link_to_origin

    A pragmatic approach to the link to origin: EU PDOs and PGIs for registration, innovation and trade in origin products

    Monday, September 26, 2022

    PhD thesis written by Maurizio Crupi.
    In view of the ongoing EU GI reform, this research formulates policy recommendations on how to draw a clear distinction between PDOs and PGIs. The aim is to increase the clarity and understandability of the EU quality schemes for agricultural and non-agricultural products.

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  • money

    How old is the Prinsjesdag suitcase?

    Tuesday, September 20, 2022

    How old is the Prinsjesdag suitcase?

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  • Emma Moulds

    The Patchwork in the Sky

    Tuesday, September 20, 2022

    PhD thesis written by Emma Moulds.
    This research critically examines how the eight largest global markets regulate airlines from the three different perspectives of trade and market access, investment and airline alliances.

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  • law_modderman_was_professor_of_criminal_law_in_leiden

    Congratulations to Hannah Brodersen who has been awarded the Modderman Prize 2022

    Friday, September 16, 2022

    Hannah Brodersen, currently working as a postdoc at the Université de Neuchâtel (Switzerland), was awarded the Prize for her Doctoral thesis ‘Longer than life: How the ICTY strengthened the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia’.

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