Graduate School

Maastricht Graduate School of Law

The Graduate School of Law offers a stimulating and internationally oriented environment for legal research. It is dedicated to training excellent PhD researchers and honours students from all over the world, extending, deepening and actively applying their knowledge on their journey to becoming highly qualified researchers.

Research & training

We aim at supervising research carried out in the areas of law in which our institutes and inter-university research schools are specialized:

  1. Global justice
  2. Institutional transformations
  3. Globalising markets
  4. Cross-border cooperation and mobility
  5. Law and Technology

The main focus is the role of law in an ever-globalising society and the institutional and substantive legal developments in Europeanisation and globalisation. Research is rooted in the institutes and in the domains of the inter-university Ius Commune Research School (the common law of Europe).

The Maastricht Graduate School of Law offers sound and tailor-made training to PhD researchers and Master’s Honours students.

Both training programmes focus on research methodology, research integrity, skills training and career development. In addition, PhD researchers may teach bachelor’s and master’s courses at Maastricht University in their field of expertise.

LAW PhD Defences


  • Law_kees_sterk.jpg

    Dr Kees Sterk appointed endowed professor of European Administration of Justice

    Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    As from 1 June 2020, dr Kees Sterk has been appointed as endowed professor of European Administration of Justice. The chair has been placed within the Department of Public Law. The purpose of the endowed chair is to increase knowledge regarding the application of European law in a broad sense (including the ECHR) within Dutch case law, including from a comparative law perspective.

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  • Law_lavinia_kortese_PhD publicatie

    The recognition of qualifications in the EU

    Thursday, May 28, 2020

    PhD thesis written by Lavinia Kortese.
    Blurring the lines of competences between the internal market and education.

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  • Law_Luuk van der Baaren on Emigrant Nationality_PhD defence

    On emigrant nationality

    Tuesday, May 26, 2020

    PhD thesis written by Luuk van der Baaren.
    A Comparative Analysis of the Toleration of Dual Nationality from an Emigration Perspective”.

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  • Nadeelcompensatie en tegemoetkoming in planschade - PhD publicatie

    Nadeelcompensatie en tegemoetkoming in planschade

    Wednesday, May 20, 2020

    PhD thesis written by Jonathan Huijts.
    This dissertation is about disadvantage compensation, in other words: compensation for lawful government action. This topic is currently regulated by dozens of laws and hundreds of lower regulations. 

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  • Renan Saraiva PhD publication

    The role of metamemory in eyewitness testimony

    Tuesday, May 19, 2020

    PhD thesis written by Renan Saraiva Benigno.
    Estimating eyewitness memory accuracy is crucial in forensic settings, given the need for efficient investigations and the negative consequences of erroneous testimony. In fact, mistaken identifications of innocent suspect have contributed to numerous miscarriages of justice, which often results in many years of innocent lives spent in prison.

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  • Research Prize for Matteo Bonelli

    Friday, May 15, 2020

    Last week we received the wonderful news that Matteo Bonelli has been awarded one of the five Research Prizes from the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation for his PhD dissertation titled ‘A Union of Values; Safeguarding Democracy, the Rule of Law and Human Rights in the EU Member States’.

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