MERLN Facilities

Activity based workplace

In building MERLN's new home, we wanted to make sure that we created the most open and collaborative environment possible. Starting with the offices, we decided to employ an "activity based workplace" concept during their design and construction.

In the mindset of activity based working, you lose your desk, but gain your freedom.  In our offices we have different workstations that are set up and optimized for different tasks. No longer do you have the same desk every day, but you get to choose a spot to work that is best suited for the job you are doing, at that moment. From isolated meeting and Skype rooms, to adjustable desks with monitors, to quiet reading spots, you no longer have to sit at your desk all day long.

Designed by Wending Interieurarchtectuur, our offices recently opened to full capacity in April 2015. So far, we have had a suprsingly positive experience with the new method of working and the novel working space. If you  wish to learn more about the "activity base workplace" concept, feel free to watch this video.