GSBE Education

PhD programme

A doctoral degree from Maastricht University School of Business and Economics will open up career paths, both in academia and in the business world. Researchers have the opportunity to make real contributions to international scientific literature on companies and markets. Around 150 PhD candidates are enrolled in the SBE’s PhD programme at any given time, all in different phases of their doctorates and conducting their own independent research. PhD candidates have access to all research facilities and supervision in different fields of business and economics.

Your PhD programme will give you greater understanding of the functioning of companies and markets, as well as acquiring the methodologies to conduct sound research. You will develop advanced theoretical and quantitative skills, and an in-depth knowledge of several specialised subject areas.

More information about doctoral disseration requirements is available here.

PhD candidate profile

PhD candidates are self-motivated, curious, and capable of conducting independent research. Candidates will have a record of high academic achievement.

PhD programmes are structured around the doctoral dissertation rather than a series of courses.

The programme is 4 years in length. The application procedure for PhD positions starting in September 2019 is open until 15  January 2019.

PhD contract courses

Take courses from the PhD programme on a contract basis if you:

  • have a job requiring extra theoretical training in a particular field of study 
  • intend to do the registered Accountant or Controller programmes, or the International Executive Master of Finance & Control, and do not yet fulfil the entry requirements
  • are a (former) exchange student wishing to continue studying at SBE after the one-year exchange programme

PhD Committee

The PhD Committee is made up of one representative from each department. They’re here to support you with any problems you may have with your study programme, research projects, supervision or other practical matters. They also organise social activities and colloquia for PhD candidates.

The committee also holds meetings two or three times per year. They report the topics of these meetings back to the GSBE management team and discuss any issues with them.

Master's education

GSBE contributes education and research expertise to the following Master’s programmes: