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Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN)

The Centre for Integrative Neuroscience at Maastricht University is a collaboration between the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN), the School for Mental Health and Neuroscience (MHeNs) at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Science (FHML), the School of Business and Economics (SBE), and the Maastricht University Center of Neuroeconomics (MU-CEN) at SBE. Here all expertise, infrastructure, and research lines are bundled under one overarching umbrella, in order to strengthen the inter-faculty research cooperation.

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Maastricht University is at the cutting-edge of neuroscience research, hosting an wide-ranging spectrum of excellent laboratories and a state-of-the-art neuroscience infrastructure used and developed by various complementary research groups comprised of world-renowned experts.

The inter-faculty Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN), consisting of the School for Mental Health and Neuroscience (MHeNS) of FHML, the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN), the School of Business and Economics (SBE), and the Maastricht University CEnter of Neuroeconomics at SBE, further enhances the visibility, recognition, and appreciation of Neuroscience Research at Maastricht University. CIN acts as a bridging platform between expertise, infrastructure, and research lines. Via CIN, Maastricht University integrates and efficiently highlights its strong neuroscience profile to the world and at the same time structurally strengthens the much needed inter-faculty research cooperation in this field.

Center for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN) kickoff

CIN projects

Molecular, cellular and electrophysiological effects of TMS in living human neurons

PhD: Alix Thomson

Completed: 2020

Project team:
•    Bart Rutten (FHML)
•    Gunther Kenis (FHML)
•    Alexander Sack (FPN)
•    Tom de Graaf (FPN)

Brain miRNA as markers of drug induced changes in neural integrity

PhD: Manon van de Berg

Completed: 2022

Project team:
•    Jos Prickaerts (FHML)
•    Jos Kleinjans (FHML)
•    Jan Ramaekers (FPN)

Mapping cortico-hippocampal synchronization and cognition using ECoG in epilepsy patients

PhD: Hannah Bernhard

Completed: 2023

Project team:
•    Vivianne van Kranen-Mastenbroek (FHML)
•    Rob Rouhl (MUMC+)
•    Mark Roberts (FPN)
•    Peter de Weerd (FPN)
•    Bernadette Jansma (FPN)

Hungry for reward: using evaluative conditioning to repair food and taste reward processing in the anorectic brain

PhD: Kamilah St. Paul

Started: 2018

Project team:
•    Rudolf Ponds (FHML)
•    Anne Roefs (FPN)
•    Anita Jansen (FPN)

The locus coeruleus hits the bull’s eye: stress-vulnerability as a predictor for cognitive decline

PhD: Linda Pagen

Completed: 2021

Project team:
•    Frans Verhey (FHML)
•    Heidi Jacobs (FHML)
•    Benedikt Poser (FPN)
•    Rainer Goebel (FPN)

Memory Bias In Decision-making (MEMOBID): Multi-modal assessment of hippocampal function during economic decision-making

PhD: Sophocles Goulis

Started: 2021

Project team:
•    Vincent van de Ven (FPN)
•    Matthias Wibral (SBE)
•    Alexander Vostroknutov (SBE)
•    Christian Herff (FHML)
•    Dennis Hernaus (FHML)

Levelling the playing field: Empowering fatigued brains in economic decision making

PhD: James Wilkinson

Started: 2022

Project team:
•    Tobias Otto (FPN)
•    Fred Zijlstra (FPN)
•    Jona Linde (SBE)

Unraveling pathology in neuroinflammatory diseases through advanced microscopy and high field MRI

PhD: Milo Imbeni

Started: 2023

Project team:
•    Alard Roebroeck (FPN)
•    Anna Schueth (FPN)
•    Pilar Martinez (FHML)
•    Mario Losen (FHML)

Mechanisms of action of Deep Brain Stimulation in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

PhD: Tatyana Branco

Started: 2023

Project team:
•    Sonja Kotz (FPN)
•    Yasin Temel (FHML)
•    Lies Goossens (FHML)
•    Koen Schruers (FHML)

Dissecting the pro-social effects of oxytocin (Oxy-Pro)

PhD: Charlotte Kroll

Started: 2022

Project team:
•    Dennis Hernaus (FHML)
•    Arno Riedl (SBE)
•    Federico De Martino (FPN)

Understanding sensory processing sensitivity from an integrated psychological, economic and health science perspective

PhD: Marilien Marzolla

Started: 2021

Project team:
•    Caroline van Heugten (FPN/FHML)
•    Petra Hurks (FPN)
•    Lex Borghans (SBE)

Ultra-high field MR neuroimaging in genetic high-risk groups for psychotic and cognitive symptoms

PhD: Amy Sylvester

Started: 2023

Project team:
•    Therese van Amelsvoort (MHeNs/FPN)
    Claudia Vingerhoets (MHeNs/FPN)
•    Benedikt Poser, Dimo Ivanov (FPN)

Novel behavioral and molecular biosignatures for future patient stratification in psychedelic medicine

PhD: Aeden O’Shea

Started: 2023

Project team:
•    Jacco Briedé (MHeNs)
•    Rudy Schreiber, Jan Ramaekers (FPN)