Research department

Department of Economics

The Department consists of two sections:

  • Section AE1 hosts approximately 20 full-time faculty members and 20 PhD students. Their research focuses on topics in the areas of Microeconomics, Economic Theory, Public Economics, Political Economy, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics and Neuroeconomics.
  • Section AE2 hosts approximately 30 full-time faculty members and 25 PhD students. Their research focuses on topics in Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Labour Economics, Education, International Economics, Innovation and Growth, and Economic Policy.

Section AE1

Fields: Microeconomics, Public Economics, Economic Theory, Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics 
Section head: Jean-Jacques Herings
Secretary: Elke Lucas 
Management: Sylvia Beenen

Section AE2

Fields: Macroeconomics, Labour Economics, International Economics, Education Economics 
Section head: Clemens Kool
Secretaries: Fleur Roemers, Silvana de Sanctis, Marion Muitjens
Management: Sylvia Beenen


Secretarial office AE1:
Room A1.06
Phone: +31 43 38-83636
Fax: +31 43 38-82000

Secretarial office AE2:
Room A0.03
Phone: +31 43 38-83821
Fax: +31 43 38-82000

Mailing address:
Department of Economics 
P.O.Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands