The topics of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship play important roles in the teaching philosophy and educational offerings of Maastricht University's School of Business and Economics. Supported by policy-makers and other stakeholders who recognise the value of CIE-related educational offerings in preparing the innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, SBE has enriched and extended its teaching portfolio in this field over the years. Various academic courses and practical projects offered by SBE – from bachelor's to master's and MBA level – are aimed at stimulating a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set among students and familiarising them with state-of-the-art knowledge on CIE-related concepts, frameworks and processes.

At the bachelor's level, courses centred on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship include Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (second year), and Creative Problem-Solving and Communication Skills for Emerging Markets, and Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (both third year). SBE also offers a popular Entrepreneurship minor in the third year, consisting of five CIE-oriented courses, which is open to students at all UM faculties.

At the master's level, two specialisations in the MSc in International Business delve deeper into CIE topics, namely Strategy & Innovation and Entrepreneurship & Business Development. Last but not least, SBE’s postgraduate MaastrichtMBA programme at UMIO includes an intensive and hands-on Entrepreneurship module, with sessions on creativity, new product development and intellectual property protection, and entrepreneurial decision approaches and processes.

Each of these courses and programmes draws on the expertise and experience present within the multidisciplinary CIE research theme. As a research group, we are committed to updating, enriching and extending the portfolio of CIE-focused educational offerings – and to connecting our students to the numerous creative, innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives taking place in the wider Maastricht area, including the Brightlands ecosystem.