AMIBM PhD Theses


  • Sustainability assessment of emerging multi-product lignocellulosic value chains using residual biomass: lessons learned and perspectives of development / Svetlana Obydenkova.
  • Sustainably dyed and functionalized biobased poly (lactic acid) fibers for textile applications: An in-depth investigation on the effect of multifunctional colorants on the properties of pla / Naveen Kumar Balakrishnan
  • Accounting for Environmental Externalities in the Design of Biobased Supply Chains - Value of life cycle assessment for decision-making / Carlos Andrés García Velásquez
  • Revitalizing lignin: on lignin applications in materials and additives / Monica Jedrzejczyk
  • Water-borne Poly(meth)acrylates obtained from functional and renewable monomers / Jules Stouten


  • Topological Constraints and the Role of Polymerization Conditions / Huaqin Yang
  • Cellulose Based Aerogel Microfibers for Biomedical Applications / Matin Rostamitabar
  • Biobased Pyrazines: from amino acids to polyesters / Martien Würdemann


  • Development of a fully enzymatic conversion process from marine chitin to chitosan oligomers. / Schmitz, Christian.
  • Thermotropic polyesters and polylactide: a route to sustainable and reprocessable reinforced composites. / de Kort, Gijsbert Willem.


  • A biodegradable and biobased intumescent flame-retardant for polylactic acid textiles and composites. / Maqsood, Muhammad.
  • Application of pyrrolidone building blocks in developing renewable 2-oxazolines based thermosets: Towards sustainable and recyclable resins. / Roy, Manta.
  • Melt electrospinning towards industrial scale nanofiber production: an in-depth material and parameter study based on polypropylene and polylactic acid. / König, Kylie.
  • Renewable cyclic monomers for high-performance biobased polyesters. / Noordzij, Geert J.
  • Timing of interfacial diffusion and (stereo)crystallization to tailor mechanical properties of additively manufactured poly(lactides). / Srinivas, Varun.


  • Exploring Biocatalyzed Lactone Building Blocks Toward Biobased Polyesters. / Delgove, Marie Agnès Françoise.


  • In-depth study of polyamides containing galactaric acid-derived building blocks: from sugar beet to plastic. / Wróblewska, Aleksandra Alicja (Ola).