Pursuing a PhD at our department

The Department of Accounting and Information Management of Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics, has a highly reputable PhD programme. Candidates have the possibility to write their dissertation in several areas in the accounting field, including auditing, managerial and financial accounting, as well as in information management. Our department offers a leading, international and dynamic scientific environment with a pleasant and constructive working atmosphere. Based on research output in the past five years, our department is ranked number one in Europe in terms of publications in the three leading accounting journals (UT Dallas ranking).

The international visibility and success of our PhD programme is reflected in the placements of our PhD graduates, which include tenure track positions at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Harvard University, IE Madrid, INSEAD, University of Amsterdam, University of Florida, and University of New South Wales. Furthermore, the quality of our doctoral research program is underlined by the regular publication of dissertation papers in top-tier accounting journals.

Throughout the PhD trajectory, candidates enjoy a close collaboration with their supervisors and exposure to a large network of renowned, international scholars through coursework and research seminars that we organise during the academic year. As part of their academic training, PhD candidates have the opportunity to present their own work at top conferences, and are encouraged to spend part of their PhD abroad as a visiting scholar. Our PhD candidates have previously visited places such as Dartmouth College, Duke University, INSEAD, Michigan State University, University of New South Wales, UNC at Chapel Hill, University of Toronto, and the Wharton School. Altogether, the conditions at our department allow candidates to build their own network of both established top scholars and fellow PhD candidates, which in the past has been proven invaluable to a successful start in academia.

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