P.J. Stephenson, Ph.D.

Paul has coordinated and tutored many courses in European Studies.

In the masters programmes (MA, RMES) he has taught:

·      Implementing and Evaluating Policy

·      Writing and Presenting Academic English (skills training)

·      Policy Evaluation (skills training)

·      Policy Analysis (skills training)

In the bachelor programmes (BA) he has taught:

·      Area Studies - on the politics and society of Spain and the UK

·      Policy Domains - policy analysis in EU transport policy and regional/cohesion policy

·      EU Politics - history, institutions and theories of European integration

·      Qualitative and Quantitative Methods - introduction to approaches in political science

·      Faultlines - contemporary themes in European culture and citizenship

·      Research and Writing - an introduction to academic enquiry

·      The Idea of Europe - reflections on the notion of European identity

·      Bloody Diversity - European history and state formation

·      The Grand Tour - the role of place and space in modern Europe

·      What is Good Science? - introduction to the philosophy of science