16-04-2024 09:50 | RESOLVED - We were experiencing issues with the Corsa application. Corsa was not useable. 

04-04-2024 10:30 | RESOLVED  - We are experiencing issues with our printer service. Logging into the printers may be slow, and prints may not come out. Our supplier Canon is prioritizing the analysis of the problem and will soon work on a solution.

UPDATE 04-04-2024 08:30: To temporarily resolve the problem, the print-queue was emptied yesterday at 22:00. We are still working on a definitive solution.

02-04-2024 12:55 | RESOLVED - At this moment, we are experiencing issues with Canvas. The supplier is working on resolving the problem. For more information, please refer to our supplier's status page.

26-03-2024 09:28 | RESOLVED - The Student Portal was unavailable for 15 minutes. The issue has been resolved.

01-03-2024 11:43| RESOLVED - Printing issue -  The outage has been resolved yesterday evening at 18:30. The print services are fully available again.