25-5-2023 | 15:05 | SOLVED - There currently is an issue with Canon MyCampusprint. Printing and scanning is not possible or is very slow as a result. Our supplier has been notified and is working on a solution.

12-5-2023 | 11:15 | SOLVED - The issues with Scense have been resolved. Open the Windows Start menu and click on 'the AthenaDesktop' folder, then select '1 - Restore UM drive mappings' or restart your computer to allow Scense to reconnect the network drives.

We are currently experiencing issues with the 'Scense' application on AthenaDesktop laptops and desktops. One of the symptoms is that Scense becomes 'not responding,' which prevents automatic connection of network drives. As a workaround, you can manually connect the network drives to your computer (link).